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Fees & FAQs

Fees & FAQs: FAQ


Initial Appointment* - $210

Assessment/Consultation (per hour) - $140

Report writing (per hour) - $140

Treatment session (per clinical hour**) - $125

Travel (flat rate) - $10 

Mileage - $0.55 per km, return trip

Letters, completion of forms and/or referrals to other services - Billed at $125, prorated (minimum 15-minute increments)

Returned (NSF) cheques - $25 administrative fee

Cancelations - 24-hours notice is required for all cancelations. A cancelation fee of $60 may apply for missed appointments, or for appointments canceled without such notice.

* Initial one-hour assessment/consultation session, without report.  Includes a written Treatment Plan.  Subsequent assessment sessions will be billed at the hourly rate of $140.

** Treatment sessions are approximately 45-50 minutes in length.  Fees include all services related to an individual therapy session.  This may include direct treatment time with the client, review of home practice, billing and documentation, and discussion with parents/family, etc. 30- and 45-minute sessions are also available, as appropriate.

Please note that all fees are within the recommended maximum hourly rates endorsed by Speech-Language Audiology Canada (SAC).  Fees cover the cost of services (above), as well as the costs associated with operating a private practice and staying current with up-to-date assessment and intervention practices/tools.

Invoicing and Payment

All fees are due at the time of service.  Payments may be made using cash, cheque, or e-transfers.  Credit or debit payments are not accepted at this time.  An invoice will be provided upon receipt of payment, which includes all information required in order to submit a claim with your insurance provider.


Direct billing to insurers is not available. However, Speech-Language Pathology services are typically included under many extended health plans.  Clients are encouraged to consult their individual insurance policy for coverage details.  Additionally, services may be eligible to claim as a medical expense tax credit.  Clients are encouraged to consult an accountant for further information.

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